Beefup app is research-oriented training and exercise to help quit porn addiction. By allowing the porn addicted brain to unplug from pornography, much of the damage inflicted by heavy pornography use will be repaired.

App understand your brain thinking and sexual addiction so we can train according your brain.


Training Session
We have researchers, neurologist, therapists, and other mental health experts to develop series of innovative training videos, audio, and motivation text with week goal.

Daily Report – CheckIn
Track your daily victories and setbacks with daily check. Your progress and generate report your help to permanently stop your habits.

Daily Exercise
You have provided daily exercise in review your mood, like – Meditation, Physical exercise, Game, Motivation, Story, Choose your path or more

User join a community to help resolve your query. Message with group members 24*7

Track Your Progress
You have track your progress for rewiring your brain and track your new goal and list of award and check your level for achievement.

BeefUp Users report 90% decrease in porn addition. You are ready to join beefUp?