OpenMed is the only app that helps you make appointment requests for over 5 million health providers in the United States. Use OpenMed to explore new providers or your existing providers by ratings, location, and payment method.

Save precious minutes of your day by having OpenMed do all of your scheduling work for you. No need to sit on the phone to get the appointment time with medical professionals you need access to again!

Find YOUR existing physician and schedule the appointment that fits your schedule

Make Appointment requests with any provider!

Manage you and your family’s providers, appointments, health insurance and schedule.

Use OpenMed’s unique Appointment Blast feature that allows you to pick up to 10 providers to have them compete for your schedule.

Select ‘Find Provider’ to favorite providers you often visit to make the appointment request in a few touches.

Mobile Platforms :- Android, Ios

Mobile Programming Languages :- Java, Objective-C,  JavaScript, TypeScript

Mobile App Development Skills :- Firebase, Google Analytics,  Amazon Web Services, Node JS

Database :- PostgreSQL