Sphere is a short video app that gets you top news stories & interesting insights, from top media outlets in India and around the world.

If you love watching short videos on Instagram Reels, Josh, MX TakaTak, or Moj, but wished for more interesting, informative, and insightful content, Sphere is for you 🙂

– Latest breaking news and top stories in short video format: stay updated and informed on current affairs
– Insightful & analytical short videos & interviews that help you decode current news happenings in the world of governance, politics, business, technology, health, & global news

We give you the best video content on the internet, in a short video format.

We curate interesting videos on important news stories from the top media outlets & cut them down to short 1-minute clips.

Watch short videos of the most important news from top sources and the most interesting insights, in minutes.

You can also post short videos of what is happening around you or join a discussion. It is like a serious Tiktok!

Whether you are a news buff or not, Sphere helps you catch up with the most important happenings around you that are worth your time, and have your say as well. Our aim is to build a Public Sphere where private citizens can participate freely to form public opinions.