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Business management can be consist of a wide spectrum of duties due to the diverse nature of the topic itself. However, the consistent virtues of a business manager are relatively the same. Business management is the art of leading, developing, organizing, controlling, and fulfilling a need in exchange for compensation.

We will speak about four of these qualities as they pertain to business management using a News Stations as an example.

Business Management

Planning or Developing:

As a manager, you were hired due to the promise you could bring value to the company or business. You may not be an expert in compiling exciting features or gathering news headlines, but what you do best in behind the scenes. The sports anchor, meteorologist, reporters, all the way down to the cameraman need planning to produce quality content. Your job is to devise ways to develop a successful day of news-telling by planning out everything that needs to be done. This could apply to costs associated with performing certain job tasks and requirements or drawing up a job overview for the day.


Whether you are a floor general or a department head, your job is to organize not just the daily activities, but the outlook down the road a month from to forecasting the sales, predicting cash flow, and lumping it all together in a clear and concise way. If you can’t organize your team, you are likely to have a dysfunctional news crew looking to add their own preference to the broadcast. By keeping a program airtight the better the chance your broadcast, later on, will be compact and organized.


A manager is a leader through and through. The better the leader you are, the higher the morale is in the workplace. How you lead individually may not be the same to another individual. As a leader, your job is to get as much value out of a person as possible, while making them feel respected, wanted, and appreciated. It’s not the easiest task of a manager, but the most rewarding when done right.


Fulfilling is simply doing. You are there to add an increased value and to get everyone on the same page. Your position is to execute. By bringing the value together to your customer and selling the brand effectively, you are providing the company value to compensation. This makes you a successful business manager.


Even though this is a small sample of the diverse platform of business management, certain traits are generally related to the world of management. Customer satisfaction, consistency, with an ability to communicate, interact, and produce a valuable return to the company is what will determine how well you are at business management.

For a graduate, having a business management can be a step closer to achieving your financial goals. With the knowledge, you acquire when pursuing this degree, you can apply in just any field of business and still be successful. In this article, we will focus more on the salary that a business management degree holder is likely to earn.

Business Management Degree

What are the ranges of the starting salaries?

According to surveys and report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, people coming straight out of college with this degree are likely to earn at most $54,500 per year. The surveys further continue to state that the figures go up by at most two percent every year. However, it is important to note these are just average figures. The starting salaries of every first year vary from one institution/company to another. For example, some people can earn as less as $40,000 per year while others can earn over $60,000 per year.

What are the factors that affect your annual earnings?

If you are the first year with a degree in business management, the following factors are likely to affect your average salary.

The type of your occupation:

With a degree in business management, you can take up a variety of jobs in the business field. However, the type of job you take will determine the amount of salary you will receive. For instance, if you become a financial manager, you will earn up to $68,000 per year. If you work as a marketing manager, you are likely to receive a starting salary of up to $64,000 per year. On the other hand, if you become a financial analyst, you will receive up to $44,000 per year. According to surveys conducted by NACE, the lowest paying job for business management degree holders was the human resource. Here, people received as low as $36,000 per year.


This works against most first years. Many institutions prefer people with experience in the field and they earn more for it. According to surveys, financial managers (with a degree in business management only) earn over $126,000 per year. People in other occupations but in the same field such as marketing managers earn slightly more (by five percent) that the financial managers. On the contrary, jobs like those working in the human resource department ear the lowest salaries even with their experience. The same research went on to point out that human resource managers earn as little as $64000 per year.


Having a Bachelors degree in business management can be a huge step towards realizing your financial dreams. However, if you are the first year in the job, expect to earn less than your counterparts with experience. In addition to that, the field of occupation you choose will affect your monthly salary in one way or the other. But always go for passion as opposed to the amount of money you will earn.

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